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European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - ESF: RSS
  1. ESF in Latvia: Creating a friendly environment for people with mental health disorders
    One of the biggest challenges faced by Europeans is finding a job that is in accordance with their skills and without any discrimination.
  2. EU Protects: Supporting Europe's Ordinary Heroes, Including ESF and FEAD
    The EU protects campaign tells real life stories of people who work for, or are supported by the EU, including ESF and FEAD and whose job it is to keep us all safe.
  3. Success Stories from Slovenia
    Projects throughout Slovenia have received support from the ESF in the programming period of 2014-2020.
  4. Employment Committee at European Parliament vote to increase funding for ESF+
    The Employment Committee at the European Parliament reviewed and voted on the European Commission's proposals for the ESF+.
  5. SOCIAL INNOVATION through ESF funding in PORTUGAL
    The Portuguese Government has announced an ESF funded Financial Instrument at the Web Summit in Lisbon.
  6. ESF project recognition at European Vocational Skills Week 2018
    The third European Vocational Skills Week took place in Vienna 5-9 November 2018. The Week was organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Austrian Presidency.
  7. Vote for ESF Projects for VET Excellence Awards 2018!
    Online voting for the VET Excellence Awards 2018 is open now. The awards showcases the best practices in vocational education and training across Europe and this year the awards ceremony will take place at the closing ceremony on 9 November.