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  1. Slovenian “ADD” Project: Increased involvement and improved social skills amongst youths
    The cultural and educational organisation PiNA launched the project “ADD: Increasing the level of active citizenship and strengthening the social skills of young people in coastal cities”. Its aim is to boost active, equal involvement and participation of young people in local environment, as well as to improve their social skills through education and provide information to young people and key players in the youth field in the region. Koper, 27 August 2014.
  2. ESF60 videos from Latvia
    In Latvia celebration of the "60 years of European Social Fund" focused on videos with personal stories related to ESF projects. Check out the videos below and see the positive impact it has had on Latvian citizens.
  3. Youth Entrepreneurship in the Organic Agriculture Sector
    EkoBiz is an EU funded project that aims to tackle the issue of high youth unemployment in the Split-Dalmatia region.
  4. ESF projects to be proposed for the 30 years COHESION campaigns
    Méditerranéen Road trip for 30 years cohésion.
  5. New reports on the European Social Fund available
    Two new reports under the framework of ESF Performance and Thematic Reports have just been published:
  6. New support scheme for youth NEETs in Belgium, through FSE and YEI
    The Brussels region is boosting its budget to help unemployed youths find work, work experience or training, Actiris announced in a press release on Tuesday.
  7. The Province of Liege Wants to Promote Careers Suffering From Skills Shortages
    On Monday, the Province of Liege inaugurated its Technosphere at the Seraing Polytechnic School.
  8. Malta Planning Authority gets EU funds
    The Times reports that the Planning Authority was awarded €1.4 million in EU funds for two projects set to provide training and scholarship opportunities at an organisational and national level.
  9. Fi-compass ESF Conference 'Financial instruments funded by the European Social Fund-boosting social impact'
    On 8-9 March, Fi compass ESF Conference “Financial instruments funded by the European Social Fund – boosting social impact”.